The Managain Installation 2014

The Managain

The "Managain" (2014) is a mixed-media sculptural installation consisting of two parts; a life-size Fiberglas mannequin mold that was used commercially in the 1960's to make store mannequins and a small Plasticine clay facsimile that stands nearby. The dimensions of the mannequin mold are 5' 6" h x 2' 4" w x 9" d. The clay facsimile is 10" h x 4" w x 2.5" d.

An "inside/outside" conversation or other relationship is intended between the large, otherworldly mannequin mold form and the nearby, much smaller reversed facsimile of it. (reversed in the sense that the mold has a primarily "negative" identity while the small piece has an entirely "positive"  one.

The small facsimile resembles what a 3D mannequin form might look like if caste from the mold, but the huge discrepancy in sizes denies this possibility. This irony makes the small piece appear as a bizarre avatar or even vision of the large more static mold form.